How to monitor Internet speed on your PC or Laptop

Today ,We learn about how to monitor net speed on your PC or laptop. here I will so  you very simple and easy method ,which helps you monitor your actual internet speed and data status.

          Mostly users want to monitor its net speed for the confirmation of Internet  connection quality  but many user have no idea that how to monitor its actual net speed .
Now a days , available this feature on the all smartphone device But many users don't have any idea  to monitor net speed on the its computer system. so  don't warry Technical Bose have a solution of this problem .

First you have downloaded a application named netspeedmonitor from the internet .This application are available in both system bits 32 bit or 64 bit so you have downloaded application according your windows system.
Use:  After the downloading follow the these steps.
                                                  Install this application successfully 
                                                  Right click on desktop task-bar 
                                                  Go to toolbar and click Netspeedmonitor
                                                   Again right click on the task-bar where internet speed showing
                                                   Make changes according to this video..


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