#4 How to Hack a PC ?|Secured by BIOS password

Hello Friends, My name is  Subhash Chandra,and welcome your in hacking for beginner tutorial, If you comes on first time in our tutorial please do check out our previous posts.Today we learn about Methods of hacking a PC.
Hacking  a PC is means of working a way around a computer system to gain unauthorized access to its data or take advantage of it. Hacking here does not just mean, being able to break the password to gain access to it.In this article explores multiple methods  to do the same with gaining access to a local PC by BIOS passwords, using third -party software for gaining access.

Gaining access to a local PC secured by BIOS passwords:

BIOS stands for Basic Input Output System and is type of non-volatile firmware stored on a chip on the motherboard.It comes Pre-installed by the manufacturer and is the first program that runs when we start the computer .It performs hardware initialization and performs the flow of data between the operating system and the devices attached like a mouse,printer,keyboard etc.
A BIOS password is one of the most basic ways of securing a PC. It is the information required to log into a computer's BIOS before it starts to boot up.

>>Below are some basic ways:

To hack a BIOS password protected PC by removing the CMOS battery:
CMOS or complementary metal oxide semiconductor is present on the motherboard. BIOS password can be by passed by removing the CMOS battery  and putting it back after waiting for 10-15 min.

>By running a cammand from MS-DOS prompt
If access to the installed operating system is allowed ,then it is possible to reset BIOS password by the executing the following code in the same order on MS-Dos
- o 70 2E
- o 71 FF

>By using third party software:
Similar to the last step if access to the installed operating system is allowed then  BIOS password can be reset by using many third party softwares like CmosPwd,Kioskea etc.

>By finding the backdoor BIOS password:
Backdoor passwords are master passwords which are provided by the BIOS manufactures.A backdoor password will work even if there is a manually set BIOS password .Some backdoor password of famous manufactures are:
·       Siemens-SKY_FOX
·       Epox-central
·       Jetway-spooml
·       Dell-dell
·       Toshiba-toshiba