#5 Hack a PC which secured by OS Password.

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Hello friends ,this Subhash Chandra and welcome you our hacking for beginners tutorial ,we learn about methods of hacking a PC BIOS Password in previous article .Now we learn about methods of hack a PC which secured by OS Password.

If you don't read previous article please do read and go ahead .
#4 how to hack pc secured by BIOS ?

Gaining access to a local PC secured by OS passwords.

This  can be done using various methods. Some Bottle of them are lite below..

1. Dictionary Attack

It is a  method of hacking into a password protected computer by trying each word in a dictionary as a password .This method works because most users use ordinary dictionary words as their password, but
this method will fail if anyword other than the dictionary words is used.

2. Brute force attack

Brute  force  attack is a trial and error method that uses a code to generate various combination of lower and upper-case alphabets ,numbers and symbols and try them to obtain the desired password.  For example, if the password contains five characters, then it generates various combination of 5characters and attacks to get the password.

3. Rainbow table attack

In  this method the hacker tries to use a rainbow  hash table to crack the password Stored in the database system. Whenever a user enters a password ,it is converted a hash value. If the value match, the user is granted access. A rainbow table contains hashes of commonly used hashes. The password hash is compared to the hashes present in the table contains the desired password.


Sometimes the user forgets to change the defaults password like “password “ admin ,etc. which can be obtained by guessing. Common usage is also using things like date of birth ,or company name ,etc.  Basically any password that can be guessed by someone who knows a little about you is pretty useless. 

4. Spidering

Another way to get access to your password is by gathering data using as many sources as possible just as a search engine would .  Instead of a web search spider , you become the spider and search for information about the user. You can scour the company website, social media account etc. Of the target and gather information. It’s you also happen to post the same information on social media for all to see…

5. Password cracking softwares

There are software programs that can used to hack passwords.
Same of  them are listed on the next page:
John the Ripper-It used commands to crack passwords.
Chain And Abel-t worked only on  Windows and used a dictionary attack to crack password.
OphCrack-It is the most  popular rainbow table-based password cracking tools which works Windows as well as Linux and Mac.
LOphtCeack-It is  same as OphCrack and cracks windows passwords from hashes .

6.Bypassing anti-virus software

We use anti-virus software to prevent or detect any harmful software or virus and protect our  system from getting attacked. Even though they are made  to keep computer safe, bypassing them isn't too difficult.
Veil-evasion is a tool  used to generate payloads  which are undetectable to antivirus ,and can be used to bypass common antivirus  solution.