Facebook Announced cryptocurrency named-Libra

Facebook has been announced Libra cryptocurrency launch in all country expect India,It is a stable currency.

Facebook unveiled Libra,a new cryptocurency and a supporting payments infrastructure ,with the support of a consortium of organizations that include credit card companies such as VISA and Mastercard ,venture capitalist firms and tech companies such uber ,Paypal,and Booking.com,all companies vying to part of the Libra Association  , an independent body that will given the cryptocoin ,will have to invest $10 million to fund the development of the cryptocurrency and its ecosysyem .

It will be astable coin,i.e.Libra will be backed by a set of FIAT currencies so it will be more stable than cryptocurrency .A full release of Libra is planned in 2020. Facebook hopes to integrate Libra into its messing services as well .

facebook annoumced the another wallet calibra for manage this currency,It works  almost similar like a blockchain wallet .check it more about this.https://calibra.com
facebook is also looking to set up ATM-like koisks which will allow people to convert fiat currency into Libra .Libra will launch in all countries except India,China and a few others.

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