Right Now! Delete these 29 application from your Android mobile


Hello friends my name Subhash chandra. Today we talk about very important news which declare By Google for  security reasons.  

Google has removed 29 popular Android apps with a total download of more 10 million from Google Play store. Cybersecurity firm Quick Heal Security Labs reported these apps as 24 out of the 29 malicious apps belonged to the Hide ad  category. These type of apps simply hide their icon after first launch and create a shortcut on Home Screen. The intention is to not let users uninstall the app. When users launch the App through the shortcut, these apps show full screen ads on device screen. The other five apps are Adware and gets installed through advertisements when Android phone users visit social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, etc. Google has removed these 29 apps and if your phone has any of them it is highly recommended that you delete them…

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